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Oblyk is a big climbing spots database from France and the world, always updated by the community. You can see it using the search or using the crags map.

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33 mètres Nord-Est

Hold a sendlist

Good for memory, progression and motivation, holding a sendlist has many good points.
Oblyk helps you doing that an easy way, you can see your improvement many ways to analyse and display your sendlist

Find a climbing partner

Coming in a new region, looking for someone to climb with, in the gym or outdoor ?
Look into the map of climber, maybe you will find somebody to climb with.

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Stay tuned

Oblyk has a news feed allowing you to stay informed about crags news around you and others.
For example, a spring cleaning, the planner post into the crags news, and then it is, everyone interested will stay informed and may come help.

Join us !

When joining Oblyk you will, for free, be able to get all community information, stay informed what's up in climbing world, you can hold a sendlist to help improve and keep a track of your climbing trips
You will also to able to contribute in building a big climbing spots database !

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Oblyk and the climbing guidebook

You could ask yourself if Oblyk may replace paper guidebook and in the meantime harm climbing spots development ?
Be sure to know that we asked yourself this question a lot. Answer is no, Oblyk can't replace a guidebook!
Guidebooks have essential information that we won't add in Oblyk

Buying a guidebook, it is helping passionate climbers who give a lot to maintain, develop, clean climbing spots where you will climb for free.

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What's up ?

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Méthode #1 : Trouver un partenaire de grimpe sur Oblyk

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