Falaise de baume rousse

About Oblyk

Oblyk is a climbing community platform, it' purpose is to create de big database of climbing places of France and whole world, help climbers find partners, follow climbing improvement with a sendlist, and more global, Oblyk is a social media of climbing.
Oblyk is developed by Lucien CHASTAN, the source code is open to contributions.

Oblyk is hosted in Grenoble, with green energy data centers

PHPNET hébergement vert

Some tools used for Oblyk development

Graphics :

  • logo inkscape Inkscape vectorial software, used for icons and graphics
  • logo gimp GIMP picture edit , used to edit and resize pictures


  • logo phpstorm PHPStrom PHP editor, heavy but power, a must have for a project like Oblyk
  • logo atom Atom Code editor, light, practical to open and edit small script

Langeage :

  • logo php PHP, logo javascript JavaScript, logo html HTML, logo css Css Web quartet
  • logo MySql MySql Database language

Framework :

  • logo Laravel Laravel Framework PHP, power and flexible
  • logo materialize Materialize Framework Css , responsive and cool
  • logo leaflet Leaflet Framework JavaScript for interactive map
  • logo chartjs ChartJs Framework JavaScript for graphic creation
  • logo phototheque Photothèque Framework JavaScript photo photo gallery
  • logo Trumbowyg Trumbowyg Html text editor

Favorite beers:

Other tools & API used :