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Developer & API

Contribute to the ‹/code›

Oblyk is an open-source site, if you want to contribute to the improvement of oblyk? Visit the project's Github page to learn more.

Use the API

Gradually we are making oblyk data accessible via our API so that you can use it in other applications. If you have a particular need, do not hesitate to submit it to us, if we like your project, we will be happy to develop a route for you!
To use our API, go to the documentation : api.oblyk.org

The ‹/iframes›

Another way to take advantage of the database for your site is to use iframes. Go to a cliff page, find the "Share" button and retrieve the iframe code to integrate into your site.
You will have a rendering equivalent to this one:

Code example:

<iframe src="https://oblyk.org/iframe/crag/{id}" width="100%" height="150px" frameborder="0"></iframe>