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When rocks has no section but only one route?

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posté par mj23 le 01 Apr 2018 à 21:02

Im adding some multipitch routes and many times i encounter a problem what is the sector name. Let say I have tour de chamoissiere crag and want to add two routes. Currently I am  creating one sector (named same like the crag). 

Similar problem when im adding via ferrata - those are almost never gathered in sectors. 

Any rules how should I add routes like that properly?

posté par Lucien le 02 Apr 2018 à 00:00


Yes it is a problem, you should be able to stipulate if it is a single sector crag or not and change the display. I think there's more work than we think. 

or count the sectors, if the crags has one sector, display differently

For now I do like you, I create an sector named the crag ... time to develop a solution
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