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Oblyk is a big climbing spots database from France and the world, always updated by the community. You can see it using the search or using the crags map.

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Hold a sendlist

Good for memory, progression and motivation, holding a sendlist has many good points.
Oblyk helps you doing that an easy way, you can see your improvement many ways to analyse and display your sendlist.

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Coming in a new region, looking for someone to climb with, in the gym or outdoor?Look into the map of climber, maybe you will find somebody to climb with.

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Oblyk and the climbing guidebook

You could ask yourself if Oblyk may replace paper guidebook and in the meantime harm climbing spots development ?
Be sure to know that we asked yourself this question a lot. Answer is no, Oblyk can't replace a guidebook!
Guidebooks have essential information that we won't add in Oblyk

Buying a guidebook, it is helping passionate climbers who give a lot to maintain, develop, clean climbing spots where you will climb for free.

Our tools for guide books

Create the indoor guidebook of your climbing gym Beta

Oblyk is also an application that allows you to easily create and manage the openings of your climbing gym.

Connect to your community of climbers, offer them a digital tool to consult the guidebook of your climbing gym but also to note their indoor cross!

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