Falaise de baume rousse


Oblyk allows the use of many climbing grades system (French, English, American,...).For each one, a color code is given to quickly show routes difficulties even if not familiar with the grade system.

The following equivalence table is questionable, its purpose is to give an order of idea of the difficulty of a grade and not to give exactly the equivalence of one system to another.

In Oblyk, each grades can have following weights :

  • + : Hard grade (exemple : 6a+)
  • - : Weak grade (exemple : 6a-)
  • /+ : grade who deserves a + (exemple : 6a/+)
  • /- : same as /+ but as - (exemple : 6a/-)
  • ? : estimated grade, but to be confirmed (exemple : 8b?)
  • +/b : grade between Xa+ and Xb (exemple : 6a+/b)
  • +/c : grade between Xb+ and Xc (exemple : 6b+/c)
Fr En USA Routes USA Bouldering DE Route Annot Multi-pitch Artif RVB
1 1a M 5.1 rgb(255,85,220)
2 1a+ rgb(246,68,211)
3 1b rgb(238,51,201)
4 1b+ rgb(229,34,190)
5 1c rgb(221,17,180)
6 1c+ rgb(212,0,170)
7 2a 5.2 III- rgb(134,205,222)
8 2a+ rgb(119,198,218)
9 2b D 5.3 III rgb(103,191,213)
10 2b+ rgb(87,184,209)
11 2c rgb(71,178,204)
12 2c+ rgb(55,170,200)
13 3a 5.4 VB III+ B0 PD rgb(255,221,84)
14 3a+ V0- rgb(252,215,68)
15 3b 5.5 V0 IV- B1 rgb(249,208,51)
16 3b+ A0 rgb(246,202,34)
17 3c V0+ B2 rgb(243,195,17)
18 3c+ rgb(240,189,0)
19 4a VD 5.6 IV AD- rgb(255,127,42)
20 4a+ rgb(246,119,34)
21 4b S 5.7 V1 IV+ AD rgb(238,110,25)
22 4b+ A1 rgb(229,102,17)
23 4c HS V2 V- B3 AD+ rgb(221,93,8)
24 4c+ V rgb(212,85,0)
25 5a VS 5.8 V+ D- rgb(170,212,0)
26 5a+ rgb(156,195,0)
27 5b HVS 5.9 V3 VI- D rgb(143,178,0)
28 5b+ A2 rgb(129,161,0)
29 5c 5.10a VI D+ rgb(115,144,0)
30 5c+ rgb(102,128,0)
31 6a E1 5.10b VI+ TD- rgb(0,85,212)
32 6a+ 5.10c VII- B4 rgb(0,75,186)
33 6b E2 5.10d VII TD A3 rgb(0,64,161)
34 6b+ 5.11a V4 VII+ B5 rgb(0,55,136)
35 6c E3 5.11b VIII- TD+ rgb(0,44,110)
36 6c+ 5.11c V5 VIII B6 rgb(0,34,85)
37 7a E4 5.11d V6 VIII+ B7 ED- rgb(171,55,200)
38 7a+ E5 5.12a V7 IX- B8 rgb(157,51,184)
39 7b 5.12b B9 ED rgb(144,46,168)
40 7b+ E6 5.12c V8 IX B10 A4 rgb(130,42,152)
41 7c 5.12d V9 IX+ B11 ED+ rgb(117,37,136)
42 7c+ E7 5.13a V10 B12 rgb(103,33,120)
43 8a 5.13b V11 B13 ABO- rgb(255,59,59)
44 8a+ E8 5.13c V12 X- B14 rgb(255,42,42)
45 8b E9 5.13d V13 X B15 ABO rgb(221,25,25)
46 8b+ E10 5.14a V14 X+ B16 A5 rgb(204,17,17)
47 8c 5.14b V15 B17 ABO+ rgb(187,8,8)
48 8c+ E11 5.14c V16 XI- B18 rgb(170,0,0)
49 9a 5.14d XI B19 rgb(128,128,128)
50 9a+ 5.15a XI+ B20 rgb(102,102,102)
51 9b 5.15b XII- rgb(77,77,77)
52 9b+ 5.15c XII A6 rgb(51,51,51)
53 9c 5.15d XII+ rgb(25,25,25)
54 9c+ rgb(0,0,0)

Developers Bonus:

If you need to check that a text string is true with one of those grades system, here is regular expression you may use :