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The Project

Oblyk is a project bringing together people from climbing universe, and aim to offer a tool in perpetual evolution.

Our climbing passion bring us to develop this community tool that help information sharing in climbing universe: for climbers, route setters, gyms, etc.

The concept is a collaborative database that anyone can update anytime with his own experiences. We tried to make a simple and intuitive platform for:

  • dynamism information sharing (bigger the database is and more the tool become use full)
  • make information searching more efficient about climbing spots, routes,...
  • keep a track of your climber life (crosses, climbing trips, meetings,...

Des bloqueurs qui marchent avec leur crash pad

We wished to make in this project a particular mood and frame : one of friendship, good-mood, meetings (climbing spirit !).Even if this tool allow to make crosses, it is more in personal view, as a \souvenir\" more that competition between climbers.

For us, climbing must stay a world of friendship, where environment hold a important part, and where everyone attitude has to be compatible with free and collective access to climbing spots.

From the beginning, we claimed our attachment to paper guidebooks, who are essential to continue developing outdoor spots. As we are yourself passionate by guidebooks, we like to heighten awareness of people supporting this project on how it is important to buy a local paper guidebook to help maintaining climbing spots.

Des topos entassés

Project story

First, there was «www.carnet-de-croix.net », un website born to help climbers check their crosses, and keep track of routes climbed during the year.

Next, Summer 2015, we decided to make a new start, running into the Oblyk project ! After two month of intense work to renew the graphics of the old website and bring news functionality, we launched Oblyk on september. This date will stay important for us

Since, the project moved, et we now wish to work on many actions in the climbing world: promote events on crags, help gyms communicate with their climbers, and also allow anyone to access an easy way a quality information made by climbers.

Oblyk is a long term project, looking for the future and who will always evolve pour answer at best of climbers will, by adding new tools regularly

Oblyk, how does it work, who take part in it ?

Anyone can be part of the project. Since we recognise yourself in the same values. This project may only exist if we are many to hold it: it is yours as ours, since you contribute to it

Our goal is to make information sharing easier in climbing world (for natural spots and gyms). To reach it, we need a lot of climbers to play the game. For example when following a crag on Oblyk, you get the last information directly on your profile: this way we are informed rapidly depending on own interest.

We hope to reach this goal, with everyone help, becoming actors on climbing community information.

Des grimpeurs qui jouent au Tarot

Well, Oblyk is a nice bunch of friends

We are persuade that this project can bring many good things and that it have a real evolution potential.

We will be glad to welcome you in this big family, the more we will be, bigger will be the chance to achieve those goals.

Who know where Oblyk will be in 2, 3 or 5 years? But what is sure, is that we will give everything!

We are just craftsman of this tools, but it is the community that will be the key of success