Falaise de baume rousse

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How does it work ?

Coming in a new region, looking for someone to climb with, in the gym or outdoor ? You may find happiness here !

To see registered climbers, you have to register your own account !


des montagnes et différents représentation de l'escalade

Step 1 : Preferences

If you want other people to contact you, you need to add a few information about you, which style (bouldering, artif, routes, bigwall..) wich grade you like to climb,...

Step 2 : Climbing area

To show you climbers around you, we need to know first where you are climbing !
You can make a list of your climbing spots, Oblyk will show you climbers around you.

des montagnes avec des marqueurs partout
zone partagée sur la recherche de partenaire

Step 3 : Climbers map

Now you have filled your climbing spot and tilled us more about you, you can use le climbers map to find someone you'd like to climb with.

mapClimbers map

Step 4 : Contact

Did you find someone to climb with? Send him a message with Oblyk messenger
Free to you to set up as you want.

deux grimpeurs se rencontre